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Today we are thrilled to be celebrating the launch of Rise of the E-Sports Hero exclusively on Vimeo and in cooperation with Landrock Entertainment.


EG Wins Dota 2 Asia
Championships 2015

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The Oriental will never replace The International. But if there were ever anything else worth winning in Dota 2 besides TI, it would be DAC. Twenty of the best DotA teams in the world, including EG, traveled to Shanghai last week; twelve made it to the main event.

Now, only EG and ViCi remain. But the glory of The Radiance will belong to one alone.


PPMD Takes Flight: 
The Champ Speaks On APEX 2015

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Kevin "PPMD" Nanney was rather nervous about returning to the competitive scene after a brief retirement from competitive gaming, but the APEX 2015 results show that he had nothing to worry about.

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