Looking Back:  
ppd's Reflections on TI4

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While EG was not able to capture the Aegis of Champions, the pride of NA DotA defended home court in Seattle honorably. EG finished The International 4 in 3rd place and took home over $1,000,000. Peter "ppd" Dager, Captain of the EG Dota 2 squad, discusses his experience at the year's ultimate Dota 2 event.


The International 4:
  The Main Event

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Dreams will be crushed. Tears will be shed. Gods will bleed. And at the end of it, one team will earn immortality and etch their names on the Aegis of Champions. A year of blood, sweat, and tears in DotA comes down to this. This is it.

Welcome to The International 4.


Evolution 2014:  
A New Age of Heroes

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Hailing from the Las Vegas Hotel, Evil Geniuses brings the battle to the coup de grace of fighting game competitions. It's time for Evolution 2014!


See what JWong and our Other Fighters 
use to Prepare for EVO

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All of Evil Geniuses fighting game team are hard at work preparing for EVO, but both Justin Wong and Eduardo "PR Balrog" Perez-Frangie took some time out of their busy practice schedules to talk about the BenQ RL2460HT.

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  • Looking Back: ppd Reflects on TI4

    While EG was not able to capture the Aegis of Champions, the pride of North American DotA defended home court in Seattle honorably, finishing 3rd place to take home over $1,000,000. Peter "ppd" Dager sat down to discuss the year's pinnacle Dota 2 event.

    read more Posted 30th of Jul 2014 Chris Paredes
  • "Boys Will be Boys": Charlie Yang Talks TI4

    After a third place finish at the largest esports event in history, Evil Geniuses heads into the offseason with high hopes for the future. In this interview, Dota 2 manager Charlie "Monolith" Yang talks about the preparations for TI4 and the myriad rumors in the weeks after.

    read more Posted 28th of Jul 2014 Will Partin
  • PPD - Post TI4 Blog

    Hey everyone, ppd (EG's Captain/Support player) here. I haven't written a blog since before I left for The Summit so this is long overdue. As you can probably imagine I was incredibly busy and just couldn't find the time to write even though I really did want to.

    read more Posted 25th of Jul 2014 ppd
  • Running Out of Time: NA LCS Week Ten

    EG is only a week away from playoffs and with relegation imminent they will have to dig deep for some convincing wins against TSM and Curse .

    read more Posted 24th of Jul 2014 Devon Morrison
  • EVO 2014: The Best is Yet to Come

    As I sit in my chair fresh off the plane from Las Vegas, I can’t help but get choked up over the incredible weekend that was Evolution 2014.

    read more Posted 22nd of Jul 2014 CoolGrayAJ
  • The International 4: The Main Event

    EG's 11-4 performance in the round-robin was good for 2nd seed, earning them direct advancement to the Winners' Bracket for the main event and a guaranteed Top 6 finish. But EG has not come for 6th place. It's win or go home. Welcome to The International 4.

    read more Posted 19th of Jul 2014 Chris Paredes
  • Iberian StarCraft - DreamHack Valencia IV

    Though the eyes of the gaming world turn to Seattle this weekend, the WCS marches on across the pond in Valencia, Spain. Can HuK and DeMusliM find success in Iberia?

    read more Posted 18th of Jul 2014 Michael Dorrill
  • The Climb Begins :NA LCS Week Nine

    With only a few matches left to play, EG still has a chance for a sixth place spot but they will have to conquer the top ranked Team Dignitas and CLG first.

    read more Posted 18th of Jul 2014 Devon Morrison
  • Jaedong rolls into IEM Shenzhen!

    Jaedong looks to move up the WCS ranks at IEM Season IX - Shenzhen and take his stake in $25,000 of prize money and 4,000 WCS points.

    read more Posted 17th of Jul 2014 Jimmy Blocksom

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